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Nothing is so cute and touching as a tabby kitten that is looking at you with its big, appealing eyes. But before you take a kitten home it is wise to do some research about breeds, cat care and cats in general so you will be sure that you are a suitable owner and you choose the kitten that is right for you. Take in consideration that a kitten is not a small human being. On the contrary, a kitten is a small cat with its own will. A cat may show you love when you are busy and ignore you completely when you want a cuddle.
If you have made your decision you will enjoy hopefully for 20 years the friendship and the special affection that your cat gives to you.

Tabby kitten or adult cat?

A tabby kitten is the ideal choice if you have already a cat at home. Adult cats will accept a kitten more easily as it poses little threat to hem at this stage. Kittens are a delight to have around but they can be a handful. They will climb in your curtains, jump on your houseplants, disappear in your chimney, rush through the house as a tornado. They probably aren't the best choice for people with a full time job ; kittens need small frequent meals and a lot of attention and education when they grow up. Take into account that a kitten can be expensive: vaccination, neutering surgery, microchipping and all the necessary purchases like toys, cat tree, litter box, cat bed, possible fence of the backyard…

Pedigree kitten or moggie?

If you are looking for a cat of a particular shape or color it is most obvious that you choose a pedigree kitten. But don't forget that breeders will need to have done a good job in the first few weeks that are so important for the development of your kitten to become a good pet.
Moggy kittens can be as beautiful, loving and intelligent as an expensive breed. They often have better health and are probably more self relying and cat-like. The choice is yours.

Longhaired or shorthaired tabby kitten?

Longhaired tabby kittens are high-maintenance pets, particularly the pedigree ones with a long coat that they cannot keep tidy themselves through grooming with their tongue. These cats will need additional grooming on a daily basis.
Most longhaired moggies have a self-maintaining coat : once and a while you will find some knots under the armpits but most of the coat will remain free of tangles.
Shorthaired cats are less subject to formation of hairballs in their stomachs and are perfectly capable to maintain their coat themselves.

Male or female tabby kitten?

What concerns attachment and affection little distinction can be made between the sexes. It is my opinion that the kitten's individual personality is more important than it's gender. But there some financial and practical considerations. Males are cheaper to neuter and castrated male cats can develop into mummy's boys. Females undergo spaying (ovariohysterectomy) with no obvious personality change.

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